15. How To Build An Environment That Supports Your Goals + Get "In Control" Of Your Cravings

Imagine if your environments — your home, your office, your social media — was crafted in a way that made supportive behaviours easier and the unsupportive behaviours harder. How often would you make aligned choices if they were simply the default response to your environment? And how much easier would that be compared to trying to motivate yourself all of the time?

In this article and accompanying podcast, we will explore how your environment is impacting your choices and what you can do to improve it. We discuss:

  1. How to create supportive cues in your environments to make taking actions towards on your habits effortless
  2. How to use the concept of food habituation to build or maintain trust and confidence around all foods by intentionally including your favorite foods in your environment
  3. Live in better balance around ultra-processed foods by managing appetite and satiety signals through stress management, getting enough sleep, and balancing meals with volume foods, protein, fibre, and nutritious fats. 

You can read more about this concept via our blog article which you can find here.

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The Vitality Nutrition Team