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What is Individualized Nutrition Support?

Simply put, it's whatever you need it to be! 

While Vitality Nutrition has built our Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching program around what we believe is the most effective and long-lasting approach to nutrition support, we also recognize this program might not be right for everyone! 

Registered Dietitians can help support healthy blood work and sustainable weight-loss.
Maybe you need the help of a Registered Dietitian

to support you in navigating a medical diagnosis, doctor's recommendation, or unexpected bloodwork result?

Registered Dietitians can support meal planning for the whole family!
Maybe you are looking for a Registered Dietitian

to help you meal plan for your busy family of four!

Registered Dietitians used evidence-based nutrition to support hormonal health, gut health, and athletic performance.
Maybe you want the evidence-based knowledge of a Registered Dietitian

to help you better understand hormonal health, gut health, or sports nutrition!


Whatever you're looking for, our team of nutritionists in Saskatoon are here to help!


Nutritionists are part of your bigger healthcare team

Registered Dietitians are trained professionals whose number one goal is to help ensure your whole health. They bring a comprehensive understanding of food, nutrition, energy demands, and lifestyle habits into the bigger picture of your medical landscape. 

Don't forget that as part of your bigger care team, Registered Dietitians can communication with your physician, specialists, physiotherapists, or other healthcare providers to ensure a collaborative approach in promoting your health and achieving the results you desire!


Nutritionists can help you manage your unique lifestyle challenges & goals!

There doesn't always need to be a 'problem' with your health, bloodwork, or hormones in order to benefit from the support of a Registered Dietitian. The team at Vitality Nutrition are experts in helping you use the power of food to better adapt to new lifestyle changes, and to meet your unique goals head on!

The best part of Individualized Nutrition Support is that it's just that - individualized! Whether you are looking for a one-off consult or a long-termer term coaching package, the team at Vitality Nutrition is ready to find the program that's best for you!

Courtney and Darian are Registered Dietitians and nutritionists in Saskatoon, SK.

How individualized nutrition support works

Our Individualized Nutrition Support program combines an initial assessment with as many or as few follow-up appointments as required to help you meet your unique goal! Wanting to discuss a plan before booking your initial assessment? Contact us directly!

90 minute consult

This comprehensive initial assessment allows the Registered Dietitians at Vitality Nutrition to understand your goals, nutrition intake, and lifestyle habits. Prior to your appointment you'll complete a food intake log and lifestyle questionnaire which will help your nutritionist understand exactly what a week in your life looks like! From here, we'll discuss your specific concerns, goals, and challenges, then work together to create a customized strategy that may include menu planning, supplementation recommendations, lifestyle changes, and more!

Price: $200.00

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60 minute follow-up

We'll continue to meet as often or as casually as is necessary to help you get where you're going with confidence and support! These 60-minute follow-up sessions allow your Registered Dietitian to continue fostering your understanding of nutrition, and to refine and expand on the initial recommendations provided in your first appointment. Ongoing work with your Registered Dietitian can help promote overall health, support body-weight or blood-work targets, and promote a holistic sense of wellbeing. 

Price: $100.00

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Questions about how the Vitality Nutrition team can best support you on your journey towards optimal health and wellness? Contact us directly and we would be glad to discuss what options are best suited for you!


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