We've partnered with Craven SPORT services to provide our clients with evidence-based strength and conditioning that helps them meet their goals!


Craven SPORT services provides comprehensive physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and training services in-person in Saskatoon, and online across Saskatchewan and Canada! By partnering with CSS, we can help ensure that our clients gain access to safe, appropriate, and effective strength & conditioning services to best support their overall health and wellness journey!

Why Registered Dietitians love strength training

While we love many forms of movement and fitness, strength training holds a special place in the hearts of the Registered Dietitians at Vitality Nutrition. Why? Strength training is scientifically proven to promote healthy bone mass, improve balance, prevent falls, improve metabolism, and so much more. It's also a huge factor in promoting body recomposition - a goal that motivates many of our clients to first seek the support of a professional Dietitian. 

And while we love strength training, we also recognize the importance of approaching it with a safe and informed approach. No, that doesn't mean benching 200lbs on your first day at the gym! Evidence-based strength training is progressive, unique to the individual, mindful of any past or existing injuries, and leaves your body feeling good!

That's where our friends at Craven SPORT services come in!

Getting started with Craven SPORT services

 The Craven SPORT services Training Centre is centrally located in Saskatoon, and provides a series of individualized in-person training options.
For those across Saskatchewan (and beyond!), CSS supports clients' strength training journeys through their online platform,

Below are a few of our favourite strength & conditioning services available at Craven SPORT services! 

Intro Pack: 

The Craven SPORT services Intro Pack is designed as an on-boarding process for new clients at the CSS Training Centre. Over the course of three one-hour personal training sessions, you'll build comfort in the space, develop an understanding of the 'How-To's' of Craven Strength Training, and receive an individualized exercise program to utilize for ongoing training! When you complete an Intro Pack, you'll also receive 10% off your first purchase of ongoing training at CSS!

Available: In-person in Saskatoon or online across Canada!

Price: $150.00 + tax 


Personal Training: 

Personal Training with Craven SPORT services is an excellent way to achieve your health and fitness goals, with ongoing support, guidance, program development, and encouragement. Your personal trainer will work alongside you to help you address your unique 'why', and get you where you're going faster!

Available: In-person in Saskatoon or online across Canada!

Price (in-person): $100/hour + tax

Price (online): $70.00/hour + tax



Supervised Training: 

Supervised Training provides a series of daily times at the CSS Training Centre for clients to complete their individualized training programs, prepared in advance during their Intro Pack sessions! These small-group sessions provide ongoing supervision and promote proper technique, execution, and progression.

Available: In-person in Saskatoon

Price (in-person): $15.00 – $20.00/hour + tax, dependant on number of sessions purchased 


Not sure where to start? 

The team at Craven SPORT services is ready to discuss your exercise history, past injuries, and goals!
Contact them today to get started. 

Is a new or persisting ache, pain, or injury slowing you down? 

The Saskatoon-based physiotherapists at Craven SPORT services can help! 

Physiotherapy is a medical, hands-on approach to relieving pain and restoring function. It can support individuals across the lifespan experiencing pain or limitation caused by an accident, structural or degenerative conditions, sports injury, and more!

Craven SPORT services provides physiotherapy in-person in Saskatoon and online across Saskatchewan!
Contact their clinic to get started.