I’m a food lover and fitness enthusiast on a mission to help others energize their body through wholesome ingredients, delicious recipes, and effective habits!

I’m a Registered Dietitian regulated by the Saskatchewan Dietitians Association (SDA) and completed my Bachelors in Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan.

I’ve called Saskatoon home for many years, and love our city for all it’s wonderful opportunities for outdoor activity, and it’s awesome sense of community!

My approach to nutrition coaching continues to evolve as I learn and grow with my clients. However, a holistic approach remains the base of my philosophy with an emphasis on understanding how nutrition as well as sleep, mindset, exercise, and the social and physical environment work together to create lasting transformations!


My favourite part about being a Registered Dietitian in Saskatoon is forming lasting connections with clients and interacting with them in the community whether that is crossing paths while out for a walk on the Meewasin Valley Trail, working out alongside each other at a CrossFit class, or chatting about tasty eats at local restaurants (my favorite being Una!).



Courtney’s primary areas of focus include:
  • Hormonal health (eg. nutrition to improve menstrual cycles symptoms, fertility, supporting the transition into menopause, PCOS, and overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea)
  • Body composition changes (eg. building muscle, losing body fat, evidence-based weight loss)
  • Mindset coaching (overcoming limiting beliefs around transformation and health, overcoming ‘all or nothing’ thinking, and more)
  • Nutrition for CrossFit (the specific nutrition protocols to optimize body composition and performance in the sport of CrossFit)





Learn more about Dietitian Courtney...

Aside from supporting her clients inside of Vitality's Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching program, you can likely find Courtney...

  • Creating fun content on Instagram. You can follow along @dietitiancourtney_
  • Enjoying delicious food. Check out some of her favorite recipes on the blog!
  • Working out at CrossFit Ashlar, or
  • Enjoying a long walk by the river with a pal or an interesting audiobook!



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