A 4-step formula to look, feel, and perform your best - without the stress! Create habits that last and results that do, too.




Imagine this...

It's the mid-October of 2020. It's been a crazy year. Your sitting on your couch curled up with a cup of warm tea. Fall is in the air! While the leaves may be changing and the flowers may be dying, you feel energized and alive.

It's the final day of your four week nutrition and lifestyle habit transformation. Today is special for a few reasons.

  • You are so proud of your dedication. You've never been this consistent before and it feels great.
  • You showed up for yourself each day and realized how simple habits can make you feel so good in your skin.
  • You are down 5-10 pounds and best of all you are excited to look in the mirror and see your reflection. You are glowing, confident, and energized.
  • You committed to learning how to build simple, energizing, and nourishing meals. You feel empowered by your food choices!
  • You are excited for the holiday season that is approaching as you know how to include the "treats" you love without "falling off the wagon."

You are grateful you jumped off the diet roller coaster and embraced simple nutrition and lifestyle habits that really work. You are grateful for the knowledge you learned through an easy to follow and affordable program. And most of all, you are grateful for yourself. Grateful because you showed up for yourself for four weeks straight!


You'll spend four weeks mastering the four nutrition and lifestyle habits to maximize progress and minimize stress!


Each day you will complete a nutrition lesson to finally understand how to make food and lifestyle choices to reach your goals.


You will have specific recommendations, meal ideas, and sample menus to achieve the results you're after.

The problem with most nutrition challenges....


  • They cut out entire food groups. You end up feeling restricted and eat everything in sight.
  • They encourage strict meal plans. You never learn what to eat and why
  • They aren't backed by science and professional experience. This challenge is guided by a Registered Dietitian and a tried and true method.
  • They focus on what not to eat and food restriction. This challenges focuses on adding habits and feel-good food.


The F4 isn't a strict diet that dictates what you "should" eat but instead liberates you from the diet mentality and teaches you the amazing combinations of foods you "could" eat. Download a copy of our free sample day as a resource to get started and inspire your menu planning!




Adopt a simple, 4-step formula. You'll wake up knowing exactly what to do to look, feel, and perform your best.

Make progress towards your goal. You'll know exactly how to tweak your food choices to lose weight, improve energy, or crush it in the gym.

Learn the science of nutrition. You'll receive daily learning modules, quizzes, and worksheets to understand the purpose of the recommendations.

Find support on your journey.  The challenges offers support from Courtney (a Registered Dietitian!) and an entire community to advise, cheer, and keep you moving.

Transform at a low price. We’re offering the F4 challenge at a low price to make transformational nutrition and lifestyle habits affordable for everyone.

Feel empowered by your food choices. This program isn't about dieting and restriction - it's about nourishing and fuelling your body!

Starts September 14th, 2020

When you sign up you'll get instant access to the F4 resources to kick-start your journey!



• 4 step formula with a weekly comprehensive video modules 

• 28 days of nutrition support,  worksheets, recipe resources, lifestyle tracking, sample menus, and more

 Private Facebook community full of like-minded ladies providing support and accountability

• Custom App and log-in to access the challenge right from your phone!


What participants are saying....

Ditch the Guilt

"What a feeling to have an Easter lunch without a) feeling guilty and b) feeling like you can't move forward."

Food For Real-Life

"Last nights dinner checked all the boxes and was greatly enjoyed. I got the seal of approval from my family"

So Much More!

"My intent in taking this course was to help get back on track with healthier eating and feel less bloated. This was accomplished early on and then there was so much more."


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