I’m a food lover, dietitian, and fitness enthusiast. My passion is teaching others how to eat to fuel their life (without dieting taking over their life). Read on for the rest!

I’m mostly known for my childhood stardom on the hit Food Network Show, Cooking with Courtney. Just kidding! (But you can watch my video below)

I should have known that little girl who filmed cooking videos with her mom’s digital camera would go on to complete Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and become a Registered Dietitian.

I created Vitality Nutrition in 2016 to inspire people to ditch the fad diets and develop a positive relationship with food through consistency, education, and fuel-focused food choices.

My mission is to help others energize their body through wholesome ingredients, delicious recipes, and effective habits.




the state of being strong and active; energy.

I've felt empowered by the way nutrition and fitness fuelled my life and I've made it my life's mission to share the tools to help you do the same!

When I am not sharing my passion for nutrition, you can find me dripping in sweat after a CrossFit workout, walking with my pals, or reading food labels at the nearest grocery store.

Interested in more? Here are five things you might not know about me:

  1. I didn’t always have a healthy relationship with food. Read more here.
  2. Olives are my favorite food!
  3. My first car was a PT cruiser
  4. My favorite way to relax is on a long walk. It's a bonus when that walk leads to a deep conversation with a pal!
  5. If I had a time machine I'd use it to go to an Avicci concert

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