Food can be your fuel, your friend and your joy!

Vitality Nutrition is a collective of Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists supporting clients in Saskatoon, Regina, and across Canada! We incorporate a unique and meaningful approach to food, fitness, and performance that empowers clients to build life-long habits and see lasting results.



A lively, animate character.
The peculiarity distinguishing the living from the non-living.
Physical and mental vigour.

At Vitality Nutrition, we are passionate about empowering the knowledge, strategies, and habits you need to ensure your diet fills you with life, joy, and vitality!

We all have different bodies, goals, and lifestyles. Whether you're looking to lose weight, take your athletic performance to the next level, or just feel like your absolute best self, your Registered Dietitian will engineer a program that makes sense for you and produces the lasting results you crave!

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The Vitality Nutrition Philosophy

All work completed with Vitality Nutrition is done whilst utilizing our core nutritional philosophy: Feed the Body, Feed the Soul. This approach to nutrition is evidence-based, accessible, and most importantly - effective!
Regardless of your goal, the Registered Dietitians at Vitality Nutrition will combine lifestyle considerations, a comprehensive knowledge of your unique circumstance, and their Fundamental Four Formula to build a strategy that gets you ready to meet and exceed your goals.
Our nutrition philosophy


Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching is provided by the Registered Dietitians at Vitality Nutrition  in Saskatoon

Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching

As Vitality Nutrition's most popular service, our 3-month 'Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching' program pairs you with a nutritionist and Registered Dietitian in Saskatoon for three months of planning, communication, education, and habit development unique to you and your personal goals!

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Individualized Nutrition Support is provided by the Registered Dietitians at Vitality Nutrition in Saskatoon

Individualized Nutrition Support

Whether you're looking to find assistance with a specific diet plan, follow-up on the recommendations of a healthcare provider, or 'test the waters' working one-on-one with a Registered Dietitian, the team at Vitality Nutrition is here to help! Contact us to start building a plan that's right for you!

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The Fundamental 4 Online Course is an online nutrition program led by the Registered Dietitians at Vitality Nutrition in Saskatoon!

Fundamental 4 Online Course

The Fundamental 4 Formula is the core nutrition philosophy used by the Registered Dietitians at Vitality Nutrition. By joining this 4-week online course, you'll learn everything you need to know about incorporating our philosophy into daily life, and building nutrition and lifestyle habits that last!

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Meet your Registered Dietitians!

Courtney Berg

Courtney is a food lover, Registered Dietitian, and the founder of Vitality Nutrition. She loves inspiring her clients to ditch unsustainable fad diets and instead develop a positive relationship with food through consistency, education, and fuel-focused choices! 

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Darian Kotchorek

Darian is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for all things fitness and food! She has a keen interest in helping clients use food as fuel for the activities they love. She also loves to support those struggling with digestive health regain comfort and confidence!

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Hannah Murray

Hannah is a Registered Dietitian with a background in personal training. She brings a unique knowledge of human physiology to her work, and enjoys supporting clients with pregnancy/fertility, disordered eating, and everything in between. 

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Recipes and information to snack on!

Looking for nutritionist-approved recipes you can make from home? The Vitality Nutrition blog is an excellent resource to keep you feeling inspired (and full!) and all times! Check out a few of our favourites below.

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Roasted Kabocha Salad

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