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At Vitality Nutrition, our philosophy is:

"Fuel the body, feed the soul"

These words were chosen very carefully, and serve as the foundation behind the nutrition programming, coaching, and planning we provide as Registered Dietitians each and every day. 

Let us explain...


Being healthy is about more than eating healthy

While being healthy is a priority that most can agree on, 'health' itself is a rather subjective concept. Health is more than just the absence of disease, and for that reason it can be easy to become caught-up in achieving or 'mastering' this elusive state of being. When it comes to diet, lifestyle, and fitness habits, a desire for optimal health can become overwhelming and even has the potential to get out of hand.

An over-emphasis on healthy living (whatever that means to you!) can in some people lead to guilt, self-blame, and the feeling that we are never enough.  

Not doing enough
Not trying enough 
Not having enough willpower
Not thin enough
Not fit enough 


Sound familiar?



Have you ever caught yourself saying or thinking any of the following?

"I shouldn't have eaten that... it's so unhealthy!"
"I said I'd exercise today and I didnt... what's wrong with me?"
"I totally fell off the wagon this's time to get 'back on track' "
While the intention behind these thoughts or statements is often admirable, they can also lead to unhealthy relationships with food, fitness, or even self-care rituals. 


As Registered Dietitians, our mission is to support you in striking balance as you adopt nutrition, fitness, and self-care rituals that support your whole health.

This also means helping you move past self-blame, criticism, or punishment - especially as it relates to food!



As nutritionists, we help you build diet, hydration, movement, and sleep habits that fuel your body. You'll continue to foster these habits, not because you have to – but because they genuinely feel good and are part of taking care of yourself both physically and mentally!

We'll help you strike a balance by teaching you that it's equally important to feed both the body and the soul. 

But how exactly do we 'feed the soul'?

Well, as you may have guessed by this point, as Registered Dietitians we don't see food as objectively 'good or bad', 'clean or dirty', 'healthy or unhealthy'. 

When working with clients, we of course start with the tenets of nutrition planning – ensuring you make dietary choices that provide the energy, macronutrients, and micronutrients you need to fuel, feel, and perform your best. 

But our work doesn't stop there. Food provides connection to people, places, cultures, celebrations, memories, and much more! That's why we see our job as nutritionists to also help you build and sustain healthy relationships with the foods that feed your soul.


Feeding your soul might include:

Enjoying the cookies your grandmother made especially for your afternoon visit.

Revisiting a recipe that connects you with your birth place, culture, or family.

Trying a special delicacy unique to the city, region, or country you're travelling to.

Cheersing a glass of champagne with your co-workers after a major accomplishment.

Digging into a slice of birthday cake with your kids without punishing yourself for it later.

By understanding that foods serve to nourish both our bodies and our souls, we can break away from black-and-white mindsets, and instead honour our food choices by making them conscious ones.

Vitality Nutrition provides Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists in Saskatoon who can help you strike a balance between the foods that fuel you and the foods that bring you joy.



So next time you're feeling stuck, as yourself: 

"Does this food fuel my body?"

and if not, then ask: 

"Does this food feed my soul?"

If yes, then continue without hesitation. Most importantly, enjoy!

Courtney and Darian are Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Don't forget: Society, the media, and even our own upbringings often push us towards a binary mindset, especially when it comes to food. Learning to make food, fitness, and lifestyle choices that fuel our bodies and feed our souls doesn't always come naturally, and that's where the professional guidance of a Registered Dietitian can help!

Ready to start working with a professional nutritionist? Check out the ways our Registered Dietitians can help you find balance, joy, and wellness!

Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching

As Vitality Nutrition's most popular service, our 3-month comprehensive nutrition coaching program pairs you with a nutritionist and Registered Dietitian in Saskatoon for three months of planning, communication, education, and habit development unique to you and your goals!


Individualized Nutrition Support

Whether you're looking to find assistance with a specific diet plan, follow-up on the recommendations of a healthcare provider, or 'test the waters' working one-on-one with a Registered Dietitian, the team at Vitality Nutrition is here to help! Build a plan that's right for you and your lifestyle!


Fundamental 4 -
Online Course

The Fundamental Four Formula is the foundational approach used by the Registered Dietitians at Vitality Nutrition. This four-week online course gives you everything you need to know about incorporating this strategy into your daily life, and building nutrition and lifestyle habits that last!