26. Five Signs Your Food Relationship Could Use Some Work + Three Dietitian Tips to Improve Your Food Relationship Now

Our Registered Dietitian, Hannah Murray, shares 5 signs your food relationship could use some work and 3 tips to improve your food relationship.

If you notice that your struggle with food is becoming overwhelming or affecting other areas of your life, it may be time to evaluate your relationship with food.

Five signs your food relationship could use some work:

  1. Black and white thinking around food (ie. 'good foods' and 'bad foods' or 'clean foods' and 'junk foods')
  2. When you eat alone your food choices are significantly different than when you eat with others
  3. You use exercise as a way to compensate for eating
  4. You think a lot about food
  5. You identify as having poor willpower around food

Three tips to get started with improving your food relationship

  1. Reframe your food rules
  2. Eat regularly
  3. Take a break from food and body focused behaviours

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