Mini Episode: How To Choose The Best Yogurt - Considering Your Personal Goals

Choosing between all of the yogurt options at the grocery store can be confusing! In this mini-podcast episode, the dietitians at Vitality Nutrition discuss their unique perspectives on yogurt and how to choose the best option for your personal goals! If you'd like to dig deeper into this discussion, you can read our blog article here which discusses:

  • How to select a yogurt with the most protein
  • Determining whether you'd benefit from a higher or lower fat yogurt
  • Considering added sugars in yogurt and what you need to know for your goals
  • Are plant-based options like coconut or oat yogurt better than dairy-based options?
  • How and when to select a lactose-free yogurt
  • What micronutrients should we consider in yogurt?
  • Recipe, meal, and snack ideas using plain Greek yogurt

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The Vitality Nutrition Team