23. Why Your Bloated & Tips From a Dietitian to Promote Comfort

If you're experiencing more gas, swelling, or discomfort than usual it may be valuable to examine food and lifestyle choices to improve digestive health. The nutritionists and dietitians at Vitality Nutrition review actionable tips to decrease bloating and promote comfort!

The nutritionist at Vitality Nutrition cover eight actionable tips:

  1. Reduce the introduction of air into the stomach (eg. avoid or reduce fast eating, drinking from straws, chewing gum, or drinking carbonated beverages)
  2. Reduce or eliminate food intolerances (eg. FODMAPs, lactose, gluten, 
  3. Adopt habits the promote regular bowel movements and prevent constipation (eg. eating enough fibre, drinking enough water, engaging in regular movement or exercise, eating breakfast, and meeting your caloric requirements)
  4. Reduce 'difficult to digest foods' if they cause issues for you (eg. cruciferous vegetables, synthetic fibre added to low-carb products, sugar alcohols, and others)
  5. Manage sodium, added sugar, and total carbs in the meal which pull excess water into the gut 
  6. Manage stress and activate your parasympathetic nervous system when eating (ie. create time to relax and enjoy your meals to activate digestive processes)
  7. Track your menstrual cycle to predict cyclical changes to digestion
  8. Work with a healthcare professional, including a Registered Dietitian, for conditions like IBS, IBD, or bacterial infections (SIBO, H. pylori, and others)

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