20. CrossFit Nutrition - An Evidenced-Based Guide from Dietitians!


In this podcast and accompanying article (link here!), the Registered Dietitians at Vitality Nutrition explore evidenced-based advice to get started on your nutrition journey will participating in a CrossFit training program.

Key concepts our nutritionists explore include:

1. Food & Nutrition: specific nutrition considerations for CrossFit athletes regarding the three key macronutrients (ie. protein, carb, and fat) as well as energy (calorie) balance.

2. Supplements: A Registered Dietitian's review of the most evidenced-based, effective, and safe supplements that CrossFit athletes benefit from for optimal health and/or performance (ie. caffeine, creatine, protein powder, and electrolytes)

3. Recovery protocols: factors that nutritionists consider beyond nutrition including sleep, stress rest days, hydration, and hormonal fluctuations that influence recovery, appetite, performance, and overall health.

You can find the full written article here.

You can find our free CrossFit menu plan here.

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