17. Getting Personal + Advice We'd Give Our Younger Self + Do You Understand Your Nervous System?

In the latest episode of the Nutrition Unpeeled Podcast we followed a 3-2-1 prompt as a structure to share three supportive habits we've recently adopted, two unsupportive habits we've ditched, and one piece of advice we'd offer our younger self. 

Habits we've adopted:

  • Obtaining adequate protein to support fullness, recovery, and blood sugars (0.8-1.0g per pound body weight)
  • Using light to regulate sleep and wake cycles via cortisol and melatonin 
  • Supporting the nervous system to improve energy and avoid crashes (ie. sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system)
  • Walking first thing in the morning to increase energy and improve digestion
  • Drinking water as an anchor habit first thing in the morning
  • Time-blocking and scheduling priority tasks
  • If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it now
  • Washing fruit and vegetables immediately after purchasing them and place them in clear containers in the fridge
  • Lay items out the night before to streamline the next day's habits

Habits we've ditched:

  • Eating small meals that weren't satisfying me
  • Skipping rest days and/or doing too much high intensity training
  • Rushing
  • Eating meals with distractions
  • Hitting snooze and having my phone on bedside table
  • Comparison to others on social media or people in my life

Advice we'd give our younger self:

  • Accepting that our approach to nutrition and movement will constantly change and evolve
  • "You are not a special snowflake" but you do have control over the choice you make and how events will unfold
  • "Focus on skills to get through life vs focusing on getting through life" meaning to focus not only on achieving the outcome (or your goals) but ways you can slow down and enjoy the journey!

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