POWERFUL DAILY HABITS >> to energize your body & mind

Mar 21, 2020

Powerful habits energize our body and mind to navigate the obstacles and unknowns thrown our way

It feels good to take care of ourselves. Review the nine habits and choose a new powerful habit to incorporate into your routine!

Oooo... and don't forget to give yourself credit for the ones you're already doing well. You've got this!

 What habit are you adding to your arsenal?

1. Drink a glass of water upon waking to energize your brain and body

2. Eat >20g of protein at breakfast to power you through the morning

3. Charge your phone outside the bedroom so you can filter media and start your day calm, cool, and collected

4. Journal in the morning and/or evening. If you are new to journalling you can click here for approachable (yet structured!) prompts to guide your journal practice and set the tone for a powerful day!

5. Eat a 1/2 plate serving of veggies to fill your belly with fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

6. Nosh on fresh fruit as a snack for an energy boost!

7. Eat a meal in the company of friends and family. Even if a video call is your only option!

8. Nourish your brain with omega 3 foods like like chia, flax, hemp hearts, salmon, or trout!

9. Energize with fresh air and movement with a 30 minute walk!


Don't forget to download your free 4-3-2-1 Journal Prompt method here.




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