Look, feel, and perform your best—without counting calories, tracking macros, or cutting out food groups—so you can go on living your life and enjoying the food you love.


Is Food Freedom Formula For You?

  • You have tracked macros and calories before but are looking to transition into a way of eating that is  FLEXIBLE.

  • You are tired of constantly thinking about food and are looking for SIMPLE MEAL PLANNING guidelines

  • You hit a wall at 3PM and want to OPTIMIZE ENERGY LEVELS and brain power


  • You want to ENJOY your favorite foods, eat at restaurants, and travel without feeling guilty or gaining weight.

  • You're tired of intense cramps and uncomfortable bloating and want to learn WORK WITH YOUR BODY 

  • Inconsistency is holding you back and you're ready to build a POWERFUL MINDSET to finally achieve your goals



A way of eating that fits your lifestyle, not a diet you are on or off


Adopt light structure that energizes, satisfies, and nourishes


Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life

The Food Freedom Formula is a flexible and simple way to get lasting results.

You'll Discover...


  • FOUR STEP nutrition and lifestyle formula to immediately start looking, feeling, and performing your best!
  • Exactly how to build SIMPLE & BALANCED PLATES for each meal and how to adjust your plate to match your goal
  • How to enjoy your FAVORITE FOODS, eat at restaurants, travel and vacation, and socialize - without abandoning your goals!
  • How to eat for your FITNESS GOALS so you can crush it in the gym, feel lean, and build strength!
  • Your CORE VALUES so you can finally align your food choices with the parts of your life that matter most.
  • POWERFUL MINDSET to finally live your healthiest and happiest life
  • Your LIMITING BELIEFS and how to overcome them so you can live your brightest life.
  • How to overcome BINGE EATING and EMOTIONAL EATING so you can build a trusting and balanced relationship with food.
  • How to work with your FEMALE HORMONES instead of against them to overcome digestive upset and hormonal woes.




Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life. Embrace your best body — and stay that way for good

Lose weight, build strength, gain energy. Embrace a simple and flexible formula to assemble delicious meals and achieve the results you want.

Say goodbye to dieting forever. Ditch the food drama, calorie counting, and elimination diets. No complicated or restrictive rules. Just light structure and simple foods you love.

Achieve life-changing results that last. We break your big goals into small daily practices that add up to massive changes. You’ll develop healthy habits that become second nature.

Receive the support you deserve. Resources and science-based knowledge from a Registered Dietitian to support you every step of the way. Grocery shopping lists, simple meal plans, recipe databank, and more developed by a Registered Dietitian.

Experience top-notch coaching, at a low-price. You’ll receive accountability, resources, and support in a format that makes nutrition coaching affordable for everyone. 

Science-driven coaching method. We’re constantly improving our program based on the latest in nutrition, exercise, and psychology research. The Fundamental Four Formula has been tested with 100s of clients to date.

Join a community. Those of us who want to succeed have a better chance with the help and support of others. The course offers the support of Courtney (a Registered Dietitian!) and an entire community to advise, cheer, and keep you moving.

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$60 per week

For 10 weeks

• 10 week course with group guidance from Courtney (a Registered Dietitian!) 

• 10 video calls (30 minutes) with Courtney for support, guidance, accountability, and to troubleshoot obstacles!

• 10 comprehensive online video modules accompanied by worksheets, recipe resources, lifestyle tracking, sample menus, and more

 Private Facebook community full of like-minded ladies providing support and accountability



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